Xero - key information for users

Payments created before connecting to Xero

Only Xero payments that are created against a Bill after connecting your Modulr and Xero accounts, will be synced on both platforms thereafter.

If there were any payments created against Bills before the connection was established however, these payments will not appear in your Modulr account.

Managing multiple Xero accounts with one Modulr account

We currently do not support connecting multiple Xero accounts to one single Modulr account.

Payment references

In some instances you may notice your payment reference looks different than the payment reference you entered in Xero. The reference may have MOD followed by a date in the format YYYYMMDD. This is because the Modulr payments platform requires payments to have a minimum reference length of 6 characters, whereas Xero requires a minimum of 5.

If a payment sent from Xero to Modulr has a reference of 5 characters or less, the Modulr portal will automatically add the suffix MODYYYYMMDD to the reference. The date shown will be the date the payment is sent from Xero to Modulr. This does not impact the payment itself, payments will still process successfully.

Rate limits

Xero sets limits on the number of API requests that Modulr can make for a given customer per minute and per day. This means if you make too many payments or payruns, or try too many times to retry a failed payment or payrun, you could use up your daily request allowance and lock yourself out of using Xero via Modulr for that day.

If you are running a large number of payments (more than 1000) on the same day and experience a disruption to your service, contact Modulr customer support in the first instance. It may be the case that you have reached your daily limit and will need to reattempt the following day.

Additionally, if you encounter errors when syncing your payrun from Xero, it is advised that you first troubleshoot your payrun in Xero and resolve any issues there before reattempting to sync.

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