How do I pay to a new Beneficiary?

You can make a payment to a new Beneficiary without having to create the Beneficiary first. Payments made in this way will require an Authy authentication. Note that the Beneficiary details you enter won’t be saved.

  1. Select the account you want to make a payment from.
  2. Select the button above the transaction table – ‘Payment or transfer’.
  3. On the form that appears, select ‘New’.
  4. Complete the details on the form including the amount – these are the same details required when creating a Beneficiary.
  5. You can set up the payment to send on a date in the future in the ‘payment date’ field – or select ‘Today’ to send the payment immediately (subject to approval if approvals is on).
  6. Select Next.
  7. You’ll see a confirmation screen – check the details, if anything’s wrong, you can go back and edit the setup form.
  8. Select Confirm to finish – after processing, the next screen will display that the payment will be pending until it is approved.
  9. Pending Payments can be viewed in the Pending Payments page.
  10. The payment will send once it’s approved, unless it enters another pending status such as waiting for funds or waiting for the date to send.


Don't be the victim of a scam

If you’ve received an unexpected request to make a payment, or to pay to or set up an irregular beneficiary, contact the company and double-check the request is genuine. Modulr will never ask you to move money, but criminals could.

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