Webhook - Customer Verification Status

Customer Verification Status

The CUSTVSTAT event is triggered when a Partner's customer verification status is updated as the customer progresses through the KYC/KYB Process.

This notification type is only available to Modulr's Partners and is not available to Direct Customers.

EventIdUnique id for the webhook event. This can change if webhook needs to be resent.
EventNameType of event: CUSTVSTAT - Customer Verification Status Update.
EventTimeDate and Timestamp for the Event - All Dates and times are UTC based.
NewStatusUpdated verification status of the customer.
OldStatusPrevious verification status of the customer.
CustomerIdModulr Unique Customer Reference for the impacted customer.

Example CUSTVSTAT Webhook

    "EventId": "eb543484-0a6e-4e7f-8fe9-a2fec82e6d60",
    "EventName": "CUSTVSTAT",
    "EventTime": "2020-01-01T19:27:18+0000",
    "NewStatus": "VERIFIED",
    "OldStatus": "REVIEWED",
    "CustomerId": "C1335G92"