Card Report Notifications

To accompany the Card Reports, there is the ability to have the Daily Auth Window report sent directly as a csv file to a specific email destination so that those who don't have access to the standard reports can still receive this if subscribed to the service.

Subscribing to Daily Auth Report Notifications

Before you are able to receive these notifications you need to ensure that you have requested access to this specific report as detailed in the section Card Reports.

Once you have access to the report you will need to set up who is to receive these notifications, to complete this you will need to hit either of the two following endpoints (depending if you are a customer or a partner of Modulr):

On each you will need to supply the relevant ID and the report type required along with a list of email address that you wish the notification to be sent to.


Email Addresses

We will not check the validity of the email address, only that its in the correct format so please ensure any email addresses that you use for subscription are correct

Once successfully subscribed, the report will be sent as an csv file to the email addresses that have been registered, this will be approximately 08:00 UTC.


Options to access reports

Please note that this report will also be available for access both direct on the API and via the Portal

Amending Daily Auth Window Notifications

If you need to make any amendments to who receives the notifications you would first need to hit one of the following endpoints (depending if you are a customer or a partner of Modulr):

This will return back a list of those that have subscribed to the service, to make amendments either adding or removing, all the email addresses will need to be supplied again by using the same endpoints to originally set up the notifications.

If you no longer require the report to be sent via an email notification then you can use the following endpoints to delete access for the notification (not the report itself as this will still be on the Portal and the API if required):

  • DELETE/partners/{partnerId}/card-report-types/{reportType}/notifications
  • DELETE/customers/{customerId}/card-report-types/{reportType}/notifications

Pausing Daily Auth Window Notifications

If you still want to have access to the email notification but want to stop it coming through temporarily you can use the following endpoints, this will pause the email being sent to you until you decide to turn them back on by hitting the same endpoint:


Size limitations

Only attachments of a certain size are able to be sent through on emails, if the attachment is too big you will still receive an email but you will be asked to go through to the Portal or API to retrieve it.