Getting started with Virtual Cards

Here is a step by step guide on what is required to create and manage your very own virtual cards

Step 1 - Get an API key (with the correct permissions)

If you have already requested your Sandbox access and have been sent an API key - you are almost there! Please ask your account manager to make sure your key has been updated to include Cards API access.

Step 2 - Create an Account

Wow, you are probably already sorted here as your Sandbox access comes with an account already running. Just in case you need a new one, you can have a read here: Gaining Sandbox Access

Step 3 - Create your first Card

With the access and account all sorted, you can now create your first card using Create a new card endpoint

Check your "Welcome to Modulr Sandbox" e-mail which will contain your Account ID

For GBP accounts, use O120001M as card product code (Visa Business) or O120001P (Visa Consumer)
For EUR accounts, use O120001N as card product code (Visa Business) or O120001Q (Visa Consumer)


Product Codes

Please note that Card products in our production environment will have a different product code on per card type and currency basis.

Example create Virtual Business card request for a GBP Account with ID: A1200000

curl --request POST \
  --url \
  --header 'accept: application/json;charset=UTF-8' \
  --header 'content-type: application/json;charset=UTF-8' \
  --data '{"expiry":"2019-12","externalRef":"EXT_REF","holder":{"firstName":"Joe","lastName":"Bloggs","title":"Mr"},"limit":1000,"productCode":"O120001M"}'


Consumer Cards

Consumer Virtual cards have additional mandatory fields (Address details and phone number in the international format, e.g. +447123456789)


Card Currency

When a card is created under a GBP account, you can only create GBP cards. If you wish to create EUR card, the process is the same as above, the only difference is that a card should be created under the EUR Account ID and that the Product Code value should be that of a EUR card.

More information on Euro accounts here: SEPA credit transfer (EUR - SEPA countries)


PAN (16 digits) and CVV2/CCV2

Once the card has been successfully created, the response will contain full PAN and CCV2/CVV2 of the created card. If you do not wish to store this information, you can later retrieve it using Retrieve secure card details.

Any actions on the existing card will then take Card ID value, which is a token for the created card. This token will also be returned within the same create card response