Outbound Payments

Outbound Payments Flow

When you request a payment, we perform some initial validation and either accept or reject the request.

If your request is successful you will get a http 2xx response, a unique ID for Modulr for your payment request, and a status of VALIDATED.

At this stage the payment has not been completed, it will shortly be executed by our system, and you should check its status to confirm the payment was successful.

There are a few ways you can do this:

  • The most efficient way, if you can support it on your system reliably, is to subscribe to a notification webhook when the payment has reached a final state, which is a separate topic in this documentation.
  • Alternatively you can poll status, which can be done using GET /payments, using id you received on the POST request. See the reference documentation for more detail. We do ask that you please use this considerately and not poll continuously. Even though most payments are processed and their status updated within tens of seconds please allow a few minutes before you first check status. If on the rare occasion for some reason it is still pending please wait an increasing number of minutes till you try again, and try a maximum of 5 times. As a suggested example you could try at 3 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 2 hours, 4 hours. In the vast majority of cases the first GET should give you the final status, the others are only a precaution in the rare cases there is some delay.
  • If the volume of payments is low and you would rather not build this logic in your system, you can sign in to our web portal and check there for any payment failures. It is important that you ensure this is a regular task.

For a list of valid statuses see: Payment Statuses.

Whilst the payment is being processed we will reserve the amount for a short period against your available balance to ensure availability of funds, this will be released once the payment is completed. Once the payment has been successfully processed it will generate the appropriate transactions and debit your source account.

You can view transactions posted against your account (debits and credits) using the GET transactions method Get Transactions for a specific Account .

Making Outbound Payments

The following outlines how to make payments out of the platform, and within the platform, using the Modulr API.

The API Create a Payment supports various ways to send funds within and out of the Modulr service:

  • To another Modulr account: type ACCOUNT
  • To an external bank account using the accounts identifier, e.g.
    • A Sort Code and Account number for UK payments: type SCAN
    • An IBAN for European (SEPA) payments: type IBAN
  • To an external bank account already added as a Beneficiary: type BENEFICIARY

In each case, you must specify the Modulr Account Id from which you wish the funds to be taken from.

The destination details needed will vary depending on the destination type.

GBP Payments to UK Sort Code & Account Numbers

These payments will have their sort code & account number validated against the standard UK Modulus check as well as Pay.UK's Extended Industry Sort Code Directory to ensure payments can be successfully made.

For testing purposes, below are some examples:

Examples that will pass this checkExamples that will fail this check
134020 / 63849203
118765 / 64371389
200915 / 41011166
938063 / 15763217
118765 / 64371388
203099 / 66831036

As an alternative, you can use our mock test sort code '000000' to make successful payments to any account number. Using this sort code also allows you to force payments into different status to test your integration further. To do so, please use one of the following as your payment refence when submitting a payment:

Reference (Case Sensitive)Payment Status
TIMEOUTER15 Second Delay then ER_EXTSYS

For a list of valid statuses see: Payment Statuses.

Euro (SEPA) Payments to IBANs

Payments made to an IBAN are validated against the SWIFT IBAN Plus table. Checks are completed on the following aspects:

  • Country Code
  • Structure of the IBAN for that particular country (including length)
  • Bank Code

For testing purposes, below are some examples:

Examples that will pass this checkExamples that will fail this check

Example Payment Request

	"amount": 999.99,
	"currency": "EUR",
	"destination": {
	  "type": "IBAN",
		"iban": "IE52MODR99035500333832",
	  "name": "Beneficiary Name",
	"sourceAccountId": "A1100ABCD1",
	"reference": "Example Reference"

Additional Information

Please refrain from using profanities, in reference fields, when completing payments. Use of profanities will result in your payments being blocked