Returned Payments


Outbound payments can be returned to us for a variety of reasons.

When outbound payments are returned to us, they are payments into our platform so we trigger sending the PAYIN Webhook.

We are normally provided with the reason for the return in the form of a code, with each payment scheme having their own codes. So you can understand the reason why a payment was returned, we map these codes into a consolidated list of return reasons which we provide in the ReturnReason field of the PAYIN webhook.

Return Reasons

The list of "Return Reasons" with a description as to what each Return Reason means is outlined below:

Return ReasonMeaning
ACCADDRESSINVALIDThe beneficiaries address was missing or invalid
ACCNOCURRENCYThe account was not in the currency specified in the payment
ACCNOREFINFOThe account could not be identified and requires information in the reference field to do so.
ACCTRANSFERREDThe account has been transferred to another provider
BENSCANUNKNOWNThe account is unknown
BENACCCLOSEDThe account has been closed
BENACCNAMEBENACCNRThe beneficiaries name did not match that on the account
BENACCSTOPPEDThe account has been blocked
BENDECEASEDThe beneficiary is deceased
BENREQAt the request of the beneficiary
BICINVALIDThe wrong BIC was supplied
DUPLICATEThe payment was deemed to be a duplicate
RECALLAs the result of a successful recall request
REGULATIONA regulatory requirement was not met
SENDERREQAt the request of the sender
SENSITIVITIESNo reason specified due to sensitive nature
TANDCThe terms & conditions of the account prevented the payment being credited
OTHERThe precise reason cannot be ascertained