Direct Debit Collections (UK - GBP)

If you are wanting to receive money from your end users - or anyone else - then a convenient way to do this is to ask their permission to do so in advance, and pull the amount of money you need at the time you need it. Modulr allows you to add this capability via our Direct Debit Collection API.

The guides here are divided into three sections:

  • Getting started; this explains what is needed to get up and running with the Direct Debit Collection API.
  • Setting up Mandates; explains the processes and timelines when setting up a mandate.
  • Starting Collections; helps you get started in setting up collections.
  • Use cases; some Direct Debit Collections use cases.

You are able to go here for details on the Direct Debit Collection endpoints: API Reference


The guide is only applicable for Direct Debit - Direct Access Partners