Payment Statuses

Payment Statuses

When an outbound payment is made, it may transition through a variety of the statuses whilst it is being processed.


Final State

You should only rely upon payments that are in a Final state.

If a payment is in a status marked as "Transient" then generally it is still processing. You should not act upon any payments where the state is still "Transient" as we are still processing the payment and the status will change.

In the live environment, if the payment is in a "Transient" state for a long period of time, the please contact our support team.

Success & Pending Statuses

Payment StatusDescriptionState
SUBMITTEDRequest has been accepted - will go to internal validation.Transient
VALIDATEDRequest internally validated - request has been validated and now is queued to be sent to external payment systems.Transient
PENDING_FOR_DATERequest awaiting processing date.Transient
PENDING_FOR_FUNDSRequest awaiting funds.Transient
PROCESSEDRequest processed and successfully sent to destination payment system.Final
CANCELLEDPayment request has been cancelled.Final

Error Statuses


Error Information

Within the errors you get back on a payment status there can be more detail within each status which allow you to know more about why there was an error and, importantly, what you need to do to resolve and then retry the request.

Payment StatusDescriptionState
ER_INVALIDFailed internal validations - incorrect statuses/data like no funds, account inactive, no valid destination beneficiary etc. - Does not send a webhook when rejecting the approval of a payment.Final
ER_EXTCONNIssues with external system connectivity - will be retried by Modulr.Transient
ER_EXTSYSRejected by external systemFinal
ER_EXPIREDRequest has expired - Does not send a WebhookFinal
ER_GENERALGeneral error, covering any other errorsFinal
ER_BATCHRejected due to strict processing of BatchRequest - Not relevant to single paymentsFinal

Approval Statuses

If a payment needs approval, in addition to the statuses specified above, the following approval statuses will be used:

Approval StatusDescription
NOTNEEDEDApproval is not enabled or the payment does not need it.
PENDINGApproval needed.
APPROVEDPayment has been approved.
REJECTEDThe payment was not approved.
DELETEDThe payment was cancelled so approval deleted.

For a general overview on how you should handle Modulr api errors, including connectivity and REST http level errors, please read Error handling.

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