Accounts are required for customers to make and receive payments and are created via the Create Account endpoint.

The following information is required to create an account:

Customer IDThe ID of the customer the account will belong to
External ReferenceA reference for you to identify the account
CurrencyThe required currency for the account
Product CodeSee below

Successful creation of an account will return a unique account ID along with the information required for paying funds into the account, for example the Sort Code & Account Number for GBP accounts or an IBAN for EUR accounts.

Product Codes

Product codes control how an account is configured. Those available to you depend on your agreement with us and will be provided during onboarding.

Some dummy examples showing their usage:

Example Product CodeExample Usage
GBP-000001Connects GBP accounts to the UK payment schemes
EUR-000001Connects EUR accounts to SEPA and ensures a GB IBAN is assigned
EUR-000002Connects EUR accounts to SEPA and ensures an NL IBAN is assigned
EUR-000003Connects EUR accounts to SEPA and ensures an IE IBAN is assigned
EUR-000004Connects EUR accounts to SEPA and ensures an ES IBAN is assigned
EUR-000005Connects EUR accounts to SEPA and ensures an FR IBAN is assigned