Card Lifecycle

Below are details of the card lifecycle and descriptions for all statuses a card could be in:

ActionCard StatusStatus MeaningHow?
Physical card has been requestedCREATEDNote: Applicable to Physical Cards only

Card has been successfully requested & processed.
Create a new physical card
Virtual card has been created


Physical card has been activated
ACTIVENote: All Virtual Cards are immediately Active.

Card can be used for new authorisations
Create a new card

Active physical card
Card has been blockedBLOCKEDIf you wish to temporarily block the card to prevent any new authorisations against that card, you can block it.

Please note that blocking the card does not prevent already approved authorisations from settling.
Block an existing card
Card has been unblockedACTIVEWhen the card is unblocked, it can be used for new authorisations againUnblock an existing card
Card has been blocked by issuerSUSPENDEDThe card has been temporarily restricted from making any new authorisations following a decision from issuer e.g. in the event of suspicious card activity.

The card can only be set to Active again by the card issuer.
Card ExpiredEXPIREDCard has Expired.

This is a final card status and would not change.
Cards expire automatically at the end of the specified expiry month which is provided at the time of card creation
Card has been CancelledCANCELLEDCard has been Cancelled.

This is a final card status and would not change.

Cancelling a card is similar to Blocking, with the main difference being that card cancellation is irreversible action.
Cancel an existing card


In general, all virtual cards will start as active whereas physical cards start as created and become active only after successful activation. All cards will either eventually automatically expire or will get manually cancelled, whichever comes first