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Welcome to Modulr. This is the place to learn about our functionality, API and Customer Portal. If you want to, try out the API here, or use a more real-world sandbox environment (both the Customer Portal UI and an API) you'll need to have a sandbox account and key to access.

If you don't yet have access to our Sandbox environment, then you are able to get an account and key here.

The Modulr API platform lets developers securely manage and automate the flow of money for their company by creating eMoney accounts and making payments.
The API is based on REST, and uses standard REST features such as resource-based endpoints, HTTP verbs, standard responses and authentication.
Some example use cases for the Modulr API:

  • Automating payments
  • Creating discrete accounts to streamline incoming payments, receiving notifications of incoming funds via a webhook notification
  • Managing funds on behalf of 3rd parties

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