Modulr Cards

Modulr Card Issuing allows you to issue fully white-labelled physical and virtual cards using our API. Our goal is to enable customers to launch a modern card programme within weeks and to scale it without scaling the back-office team.

Each card is connected to a Modulr Account and draws from the balance on that account. Our cards are issued through the Visa network, as a principal issuing member, and can support a range of consumer and business card types. Each card is also enrolled in 3D Secure by default, allowing secure online transactions and limiting fraud risk.

Virtual cards
Virtual cards are non-physical (the 16 digit PAN, expiry date and security code are returned via API) and can be used for online payments.
Just some examples of how Customers use Modulr virtual cards:

  • Travel – creating one-off virtual cards for making travel payments, receiving interchange income while reducing manual process costs and improving reconciliation.
  • Lending – creating restricted virtual cards to disburse loans, allowing spending only on certain categories e.g. marketing
  • Corporate spending – creating virtual cards to purchase goods and services for the company with easy reconciliation and smart spend controls (we are always our first customer)
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Physical cards
Physical cards can have custom designs according to your brand and are printed and shipped straight to the cardholder.
Just some examples of how Customers use Modulr physical cards:

  • Alternative banking – going to market quickly with a robust and scalable issuing platform, putting cards in customers' hands in weeks rather than months
  • Salary advance – giving customers a card to be able to draw down on their salary as they earn it
  • Non-fintech – launching card programmes for customers without the regulatory, technical and operational heavy lifting traditional in the industry
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What’s Next

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