Webhook - Direct Debit, Unpaid Collection

The Unpaid Collection notification informs our Partner that a collection has been received and rejected. As a result, the Partner's Nominated account will be debited for the specified amount. The webhook includes an error code from the ARUDD (Automated Return of Unpaid Direct Debits) for the reason of the failure. Applicable only for Direct Debit Outbound service.

  "Amount": "10.00",
  "ClaimId": "D110P5EC",
  "EventId": "ee7a81af-3a75-4b7f-8b5b-48cb472e4195",
  "AccountId": "A1100FT8XW",
  "EventName": "DDFAILEDCLAIM",
  "EventTime": "2022-07-27T22:09:26+0000",
  "MandateId": "M1101WK7",
  "MerchantName": "Modulr Customer 01",
  "RejectionCode": "0",
  "MerchantNumber": "123456",
  "SettlementDate": "2022-07-27T00:00:00.000+0000",
  "MerchantReference": "DDOSAUTOMATEDTEST"