Modulr Access Types

Modulr enables business to solve complex business payment problems, and supports different use cases and scenarios.

To achieve this, we support two main groups of businesses:

Direct Customers

Direct customers are those who create and manager only their own accounts on our platform.
This is the default configuration of our Sandbox environment. In the Modulr Portal, Direct Customers see only their own accounts.


Partners are those who create and manage accounts on behalf of their own customers. In the Modulr Portal, Partner users see all their customer's accounts.

Please contact us if you need your sandbox environment set up as a Partner


Some customers can allow a 'Delegate' to access their accounts on their behalf (e.g. an accountant) under permissions the customer controls.

In the Modulr Portal, Delegates see all of their connected Customers, and can set up, view and manage payments and approvals on their behalf, depending on the permissions the customer has set.