Bulk payments

Creating multiple single payments with a single file upload

Instead of creating single payments one-by-one, we've made it easier for you to create all of them in one bulk by using the same batch payment endpoint /batchpayments

To instruct the endpoint to treat the series of payments as individual payments instead of a batch, simply indicate the value of 'submissionType: bulk' in your request body. If no value was provided when making the API call, the default value for submissionType field is 'bulk'.

Default value for submissionType

The default value for the submissionType field is 'bulk'. If you want to create a batch payment instead, you have to specify 'submissionType: batch' in your request body when making the API call.

Default value for strictProcessing

The default value for strictProcessing will depend on the value of submissionType.

  • When submissionType is set to 'batch', strictProcessing will always be set to true
  • When submissionType is set to 'bulk' or is not specified, strictProcessing can take the value of true/false, depending on your preference.

For more information on what strictProcessing and submissionType is, and what they do, please refer to the endpoint documentation on our API guide.