When do I need to use Authy?

Using Authy in the Modulr Portal

Authy sends a notification via your phone app when something you are doing in the Modulr Portal requires extra authentication – confirming the notification in the Authy app means we know it's definitely a registered user using the portal with access to your accounts.

Authentication is required using Authy when you perform these tasks in the Modulr Portal:

Task requiring AuthyWhen requested …
Sign inEvery time you sign in you need to authenticate your access via Authy
Forgotten passwordWhen you select Forgotten password → 'Request a reset' on the 'Reset Access' screen
Change passwordWhen you choose to change your password in the user profile
Create a Payment to a NEW beneficiaryWhen you submit a payment to a new Beneficiary that you've entered within the payment screen (ie you're not using an already created and approved Beneficiary)
Approve a PaymentWhen you select 'Approve' on selected payment approval(s) (not requested if rejecting approvals)
Approve a batchWhen you select 'Approve' on a selected batch
Create a Beneficiary When you submit the create new Beneficiary form
Approve a BeneficiaryWhen you select 'Approve' on selected beneficiary approval(s) (not requested if rejecting approvals)
Delegate linkingWhen you submit the Delegate linking form to give a Delegate access to your accounts
File upload* When you select 'Confirm' on the file upload confirmation screen

*Modulr users only.

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