Creating Customers – Partners

As a Partner user, you can create your customers directly in the Modulr Portal by adding all the necessary business information about the Customer.

In-house and outsourced KYC (know your customer)

In-House KYC

If you are on an In-House KYC model, Modulr will perform automated checks on the business details and individuals involved in the ownership once submitted, and we'll get in touch if any further information is required.



As a regulated business, we need you to provide a few details about the business, structure and the individuals involved in the ownership, to meet compliance requirements, in order to set up an account.

Go here for a detailed view of the information we require.

Outsourced KYC

If you handle KYC yourself ('Outsourced KYC'), your Customers will be created on the Modulr platform immediately once you've added all the necessary business information.