How do I view an account?


Viewing an account in the Modulr Customer Portal.

  1. A list of all the accounts you have access to can be found by selecting 'Accounts' from the side menu.
  2. From the Accounts list displayed, select the account you want to view.
  3. The account view displays the available and current balance (may differ depending on any authorisations that are yet to be applied to the account).
  4. The sort code and account number are found at the top of any account view
  5. All the transactions for the account are displayed in the transactions list.
  6. Select 'Accounts' in the side menu to return to the list of all your accounts.

Other setups

In some portal setups, ie Delegate, Partner or Multi-customer, once you have selected the customer you want to view, there will be an 'Accounts' option in the side menu that will show a list of all the accounts you can view under that customer.

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