Adding funds from your bank

If you don't have the Add Funds feature, or your bank doesn’t appear in the list on the ‘Add Funds’ form, it may be that they have not yet enrolled to provide this service.

Adding funds to a Modulr account from your external bank

However, you can send funds to your Modulr accounts from your bank like any other regular payment you would make from your bank account – just use the Modulr account's sort code and account number as the destination/beneficiary/payee when you set up the payment from your bank.

The sort code and account number of any Modulr account you have can be found at the top of the account page on any Modulr account you view in the Modulr Portal.


Adding funds from your bank

  1. In your external bank's online banking website: Set up a new payee or beneficiary for your Modulr account (using the sort code and account number described above)
  2. Create a new payment to that payee, with the amount you want to add to your Modulr account
  3. Send the payment
  4. The funds will arrive in your Modulr account when the payment has cleared – you can check the account transactions, and balance to make sure it's there.

If you have any approved payments that are waiting for funds, they'll send when there is sufficient balance, either immediately, or on the date you specified.

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