Payment file upload


About payment file upload

Depending on your setup, you can use the Modulr portal to upload a Bacs 18 Standard payment file containing multiple payments to send from your Modulr accounts. Uploading a payment file requires an Authy authentication.

File upload conditions:

  • Only files conforming to Bacs 18 Standards can be uploaded.
  • Files must be a maximum size of 150kb.
  • Only transaction type 99 is allowed.
  • Only transactions in GBP (BACS code 00) are allowed.
  • All payments in the file must have a Payment Reference.
  • The file can contain a maximum of 10,000 payments.
  • The user uploading the file needs to have payments permissions for all source accounts in the file.
  • All source accounts in the file have to be Modulr accounts belonging to the Customer the user uploading them belongs to.
  • The processing date of the file must be today or in the future.


Formatting a payment file

For detailed information on how to format a Bacs 18 Standard payment file, go here →

Sage users won't see the Move Money screen or the File Upload feature.

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