Cards – Partners' Modulr Portal

Viewing a Physical Card in the Modulr Portal

Viewing a Physical Card in the Modulr Portal

About Cards

If you’re set up as a Partner and are using Modulr’s Cards Products api to issue payment cards to your customers, you can use the Modulr Portal to easily manage and administrate your customers’ cards. Modulr offers Physical and Virtual Card products, both of which are managed in the same way in the Modulr Portal.

Virtual Cards

A Virtual Card is a digital-only ‘card’ – it has no physical counterpart, but its properties are mostly the same as a physical card, having a PAN (the 16-digit card number), a cardholder name, expiry date and security code. Its details can be used online to pay for services where you could also use a physical card.

Physical Cards

A Physical Card is a regular plastic payment card like those that high street and digital-only banks offer. Physical Cards can be requested via our api or from within the Modulr Portal’s management tools, manufactured to your business’s specifications and delivered to your customers.

Any virtual or physical card created via our api or Modulr Portal can be viewed and managed in the Modulr Portal if you have Modulr Portal access.