How do I edit or delete a user?

To edit or delete a user

  1. Select ‘Users’ in the side menu.
  2. Select a user from the table, their details will be displayed.
  3. You can edit their details, except their username. Save changes to finish.
  4. You can change a user’s status eg to ‘Blocked’ which will prevent them from accessing the Modulr portal until you change their status back to ‘Active’
  5. To remove a user, select ‘Remove this user’ at the bottom of the form. This can’t be undone. Removed users can no longer access the Modulr Portal.

Recreating a deleted user

If you want to recreate a user you have previously deleted you need to give them a different username when creating the new user.

If you are a Sage user, please contact Customer Support to reset the user.


SSO users (Single Sign On)

If you use SSO to sign in, you'll not be able to edit details here or delete users – contact your SSO administrator in your organisation to make changes.