Making a batch payment with Xero

Batch payment Setup

To make a batch payment from Xero with Modulr, follow the steps below. This guide assumes you have:

  • A Modulr account set up in Xero
  • Have connected Modulr to your Xero access
  1. Set up your bills as you normally would in Xero. Multiple bills can be selected to pay as a batch.

  1. Confirm the selection

  1. The selected bills will appear ready to pay – Select 'Create payment'.

    As a friendly tip, make sure you have entered a Reference for your (single/batch) payment, and it contains at least 6 characters. (See 'Payment reference' under Single Payment, or Batch/Consolidated Payments)

  1. You'll see a summary of the bills – Select 'Finish and view batch'

  1. You'll see the batch payment transaction completed.

  1. Sign in to the Modulr Portal and navigate to Approvals in the side menu, then select the 'Batches' tab

  1. Select the batch to approve (multiple batches may appear here, but you can only select one batch at a time) and select 'Approve' in the action bar at the bottom.

  1. Select 'Approve' on the Confirmation pop up – this will require an Authy authentication.

  1. The batch is approved and ready to send.

  1. If it is set to send immediately, not a date in the future, the transactions will appear in the account view. Payments to the same destination will consolidate into a single payment.

Payments in the batch with send dates in the future will display in Pending Payments until the date to send.

NOTE: From the 'Batches' tab in approvals, if you select the batch row, you'll see a detail view of all the payments within the batch. The whole batch can be approved from here as well by selecting 'Approve' in the top right of the detail view:

Reconciliation in Xero

  1. Back in Xero, you'll see the batch as 'Unreconciled'.

  1. Select the row, and select 'OK' to reconcile.

  1. The batch will show as 'Reconciled' on the statement, select to see the details.

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