How do I create a Beneficiary?

Creating new Beneficiaries in the Modulr Portal can be done in a few simple steps outlined below.

Modulr only

What information do I need to create a Beneficiary?

  • The Beneficiary name (max 18 characters)
  • The sort code
  • The account number
  • A reference message (this appears on the Beneficiary’s statement)

How do I create a Beneficiary?

  1. Select ‘Beneficiaries’ in the side menu
  2. Select 'Create Beneficiary' above the table
  3. Complete the details in the form that’s displayed
  4. Select ‘Create’ to finish – you’ll be prompted for an Authy authentication on your phone
  5. The Beneficiary can be viewed in the ‘Unapproved’ tab on the Beneficiaries page until approved


Don't be the victim of a scam!

If you’ve received an unexpected request to make a payment, or to pay to or set up an irregular beneficiary, contact the company and double-check the request is genuine. Modulr will never ask you to move money, but criminals could.

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