For Customers – Delegate linking

About Delegate linking

As a Direct Customer (depending on your setup) you can give access to e.g. your Accountant or Payroll Bureau so they can view and manage your accounts through their own Modulr Portal access as a Delegate.


Link to your Delegate by going to Users → Delegates.


Information you need to link to your Delegate:

The Delegate's reference number – this will be in the email you receive when you are invited to sign up to Modulr.

How to link to your Delegate

Watch this video on how to link to your Delegate (or follow the steps below.)

1. Get your Delegate's Reference Number

Your Delegate's reference number will be in the email you receive from them when they invite you to sign up to Modulr. Delegate's can find their reference number in their own Modulr Portal view by selecting their practice name in the top right.

2. Link to your Delegate in the Modulr Portal

  1. Sign in to the Modulr Portal
  2. Select Users in the side menu, and select the 'Delegates' tab (note: only Admin and above users can see this option)
  3. Enter the Delegate's reference number
  4. Select 'Find'
  5. Your Delegate's name and address will appear – check this information is correct
  6. Assign the role level you'd like your Delegate to have (more here)
  7. Confirm authorisation by checking the box
  8. Select 'Grant Access' (you’ll be prompted for an Authy authentication to complete)

Complete the information in Users → Delegates to find and link to your Delegate.

Your Delegate will receive an email from us saying you have successfully linked. Next time they sign in to their Modulr Portal they'll see your business appear in their Customers list.

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