Authy Desktop App migration



Twilio have announced their intention to decommission the Twilio Authy Desktop app on March 19th 2024. This was originally planned for August 2024, however has been brought forward by Twilio.

As a user of the Authy Desktop Application, in order to maintain access to the Modulr payments platform, you will need to migrate to an iOS or Android mobile app version of Authy. Please see below for steps to guide you through the process.

Steps to migrate from Authy Desktop to Authy Mobile App

1. Turn on "allow multi-device" in your Authy Desktop App

Open your Authy Desktop app, navigate to "settings", and select "devices"

Turn on "multi-device”

2. Download and register the Twilio Authy app on your phone

You'll need to download, install and register an app on your phone (available for iOS or Android) called Twilio Authy

Download for iOS (you'll leave this page)

Download for Android (you'll leave this page)

Open the mobile app and enter the country code of your mobile number

(start typing the country name to find your country)

Enter your mobile number

Request account verification by selecting "use existing device"

3. Confirm new device on Authy Desktop App

Open your Authy Desktop app, a notification will ask you to verify the addition of the new device. Tap “Accept”. When prompted to approve this decision, type “OK” in the entry field.

4. Confirm multi-device set-up is complete

Return to “Settings” on your Authy Desktop App and tap “Devices” again. You should now see two “trusted” devices connected.

Next time you are asked to authenticate using Authy (e.g. when signing in or approving payments), you'll receive a push notification to your mobile, where you can confirm the authentication request.