How do I view my Beneficiaries?

Select 'Beneficiaries' from the side menu to see the Beneficiaries you have set up.


The Beneficiaries page

The table shows the full details of each Beneficiary. Beneficiaries can’t be edited. If details change, you’ll need to set up a new beneficiary (you can delete the previous one).

Viewing unapproved beneficiaries

Beneficiaries that have been created but not yet approved can be viewed by any user in the ‘Unapproved’ tab on the Beneficiaries page. This gives you sight of whether a Beneficiary you’ve created has been approved yet or not, even if you can't approve it yourself due to your permissions.

Approving Beneficiaries

Approvers will also see the unapproved Beneficiaries in their Approvals table, where they can make the approval. Once Beneficiaries have been approved, they’ll appear in the main Beneficiaries table and can be used for payments.

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