Making Payments in the Modulr Portal

Making payments from the Modulr Portal

You can send funds from any of your accounts as a regular payment to other external bank accounts, or transfer to your other Modulr accounts. All you need are the details of the receiving bank account.

There’s three options when you make a payment depending on what you want to do:

  • Pay to a saved Beneficiary
  • Transfer funds between your Modulr accounts
  • Pay to a new Beneficiary

Move Money
The Move Money option in the side menu gives shortcuts to the main make a payment screen directly from the side menu so you don’t have to navigate to the sending account first. The steps described in the guides to making payments assumes you start from the account view itself. The process is the same whether you start from the account view or from the Move Money screen.

Making payments via other software with Modulr

If you are using Modulr in conjunction with other Payroll or Accounting software, the payments you set up in this software are exported into Modulr by selecting 'Pay by Modulr' or a similar action in the Accounting or Payroll software.

  • Once exported, sign in to Modulr, and you'll see the payments awaiting approval in 'Approvals'.
  • See Managing Approvals to learn about how to approve the payments in Modulr.

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