What do the payment statuses mean?

Payments move through these different statuses depending on where they are in the payment sequence.

If a status doesn’t apply, the status will skip on to the next one in the sequence. Eg a payment that’s set to send ‘today’ and has funds in the account will send immediately after approval.

Awaiting approval If payments require approval, they'll display in the Pending Payments page with the status “Pending, awaiting approval’ until they are approved in the Approvals page. Once approved, and funds are available at the time of sending, they’ll send on the date specified at setup.
Awaiting date Once approved, payments that are set up to send on a future date will display in the Pending Payments page with the status “Pending, Dated to send [date]” and will send when that date arrives if funds are available.
Awaiting funds Payments that have been approved, and have met their send date, but still require funding will display as “Pending, awaiting funds”. When sufficient funds arrive in the account, these payments will send. Note: Users will only see this status if they have Hold for Funds activated on their setup.
Error If a payments falls into an error state, the payment will show in the table with the status 'Error', with a reason as to why. Payments that have errored will not send and will need to be set up again.

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