How do I approve or reject a payment or beneficiary?



Some of the functionalities regarding Batches are still in development and will be released soon.

The process to approve or reject a payment, payment batch or a beneficiary is the same. The ‘Approvals’ page shows payments, batches and beneficiaries in individual tabs at the top.

Learn more about approving batches here →

For individual payments in the Approvals→Payments tab:

  1. Select Approvals from the side menu.
  2. Select the Payments tab
  3. Select the payment or payments that you wish to approve or reject by checking the box on the left side of each table row. You can also select all by checking the box in the table header row.
  4. In the action bar that appears at the bottom of the table, select Approve or Reject.
  5. Confirm the action you selected in the confirmation summary box that appears (you’ll be prompted for an Authy authentication). Payments will now send or move on to their next pending state View payment statuses →. Rejected payments will not send.

Beneficiary approvals

The process is the same for Beneficiaries (Pending Beneficiary Approvals can be viewed in the ‘Beneficiaries’ tab on the Approvals page). Once a Beneficiary is approved, it becomes active and can be used for payments. Active beneficiaries can be viewed in the Beneficiaries section in the side menu.

Rejected beneficiaries won't be set up or made active.



Payment approvals will wait unapproved in the Approvals page for 40 days. If no action is taken, the payments will fail.

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